Your Social Partner in Automotive
Car Dorx helps automotive dealers create better customer experiences in social environments. From paid media to managed chat, we’re your partner in all things social.
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Driving Success for Franchises
of Industry Leaders
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The Car Dorx Product Suite
Elevate your dealership's online presence with Car Dorx. Amplify your ad funnel, boost your reviews, and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction with a customized AI chat agent crafted for your unique needs.
Franchise Pro
Your personalized GPT4-powered chat agent trained specifically for franchise dealership needs.
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Independent Pro
Your personalized GPT4-powered chat agent fine tuned for the needs of independent operators
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"Core" Social Ad Funnel
A hybrid partnership - part consulting/coaching and part ad logistics.
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"Response" Review Management
Your comprehensive review management solution.
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From Local Video Creation to Expert Ad Logistics
Many dealers think frequent content generation is the end game. While content is a BIG component of a winning strategy, ALL social sites are now PAY TO PLAY and you need a paid distribution strategy.

“Core” supports all revenue generating departments with locally shot, gorgeous video ads that are captivating, engaging and properly formatted to garnish attention and drive action.

You create the videos, send us the files and let us handle the rest.
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More Than Just an Agency
Car Dorx acts as a social agency to a small group of dealers that are a testing ground for innovative products/ services/ offerings we bring to market. Car Dorx clients don’t just contract an agency, they join in a partnership to push the envelope in all aspects of their social and communication technologies.
Advancing the Industry Together
Our dealer partners lean on the Car Dorx team as their own. Together, we forge through evolutionary technologies to create revolutionary products and processes that serve the greater market.
Ready to Supercharge Your Presence?
Whether it’s social advertising, reputation management or AI-powered customer service solutions, Car Dorx has your dealership covered.
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