The Car Dorx Story
Car Dorx was founded by literal “Car Dorks”. Daniel Marks founded the company in 2012 after exiting from his first social agency, Crush Brands. Car Dorx was the result of years of Daniel’s social advertising / communications experience combined with an insatiable desire to be around cars in any capacity.
From Local Video Creation to Expert Ad Deployment
What started as a, “We manage all things consumer facing online” program in the beginning was quickly distilled into our core services: community management, ad management, reputation management and soon to be chat management!

While many agencies venture into categories and subject matter they are not experts in, Car Dorx has been social-only from the very beginning.
Car Dorx's Commitment to Excellence
Car Dorx ethos has always been about striving for high-touch relationships. High-touch means providing offerings that do the job RIGHT regardless of how much extra work it takes. This means doing things the way we’d do them in your business if we were hired locally as an employee.

Car Dorx believes that agencies need to consider ALL tools and methodologies available to get the best performance without focusing on “what will scale” as a precursor. When programs are built with scale in mind, many paths are not considered and what ends up getting sold is a diluted variant of what may have been possible.

Like many great recipes sent to mass production - they are modified to accommodate desired or necessary scale. Those scaled products are never the same as the originals.

At Car Dorx, we believe greatness doesn’t always scale to the masses and that’s ok. We use the LLA format. Hear the customer (listen), take responsibility (learn) and react accordingly (act).
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