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"Core" Social Ad Funnel
It’s 2024 and we’re using 100% video throughout the core funnel. What was a data-driven suggestion that is now our standard. No more BIG production companies or budgets. Just your team, smart phones, some oversight and guidance!
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Blending Coaching with Ad Management Expertise
“Core” is a hybrid partnership meaning part consulting/coaching and part ad management. With Car Dorx “Core”, we will coach your video production needs and manage your ad promotions. We bring the strategy AND the logistical muscle!
When you sign up for core, a senior member from our team will travel to your location to spend a full day with your team showing you how to use smart phones and other basic tools to capture the content necessary to support all departments.
Your Brand's Authenticity Front and Center
Consumers in 2023 can smell an “ad” from a mile away. Running TV commercials on social ain’t it. Instead, we use social tools to be… Ready for it? SOCIAL! Your human capital, your competitive advantages, your facility - front and center.

Once you’re producing locally, you can reapply your production budget back to promotion, where it belongs!

After a day of working together, we’re confident you all will have the tools to produce simple 30 second video messages as needed.
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From Local Video Creation to Expert Ad Deployment
Many dealers think frequent content generation is the end game. While content is a BIG component of a winning strategy, ALL social sites are now PAY TO PLAY and you need a paid distribution strategy.

“Core” supports all revenue generating departments with locally shot, gorgeous video ads that are captivating, engaging and properly formatted to garnish attention and drive action. The best part? It's all done on smart phones.

You create the videos, send us the files and let us handle the rest.
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More Than Just an Agency
Car Dorx acts as a social agency to a small group of dealers that are a testing ground for innovative products/ services/ offerings we bring to market. Car Dorx clients don’t just contract an agency, they join in a partnership to push the envelope in all aspects of their social and communication technologies.
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Ready to Supercharge Your Presence?
Whether it’s social advertising, reputation management or AI-powered customer service solutions, Car Dorx has your dealership covered.
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