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The ultimate Car Dorx experience: Your own personalized GPT4-powered chat agent combined with high-quality video ads package. Man your inboxes with an intelligent, conversational chatbot trained on your store’s data and designed to assist folks with questions that drive leads to your CRM.
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Optimizing Lead Conversion in Subprime Markets
Subprime markets need to consistently drive leads that convert to real deals. It’s much easier to drive subprime buyers into chat experiences than prime customers. So easy, that historically it has required human BDC departments to qualify the large population of consumers who will engage with an ad promising something out of reach or seemingly out of reach. Most subprime operators prefer CRM leads or butts in seats.

“Events” are short term boosts that lead to long term reputation damage and lead to inconsistent growth. Outsourced BDCs are not trained on your store’s specific inventory availability and can lead to inconsistent/low quality experiences for inquiries BEFORE they make it into the CRM. You need a consistent lead flow for your sales team to act upon.
Drive Consistent Lead Flow
Using video ads on social media, drive messages into your social inboxes from subprime buyers looking for a vehicle. Our team will work with you to produce organic feeling, authentic content optimized for a social feed for maximum engagement. A strong message and our video editing will capture attention in feed and create a consistent stream of inquiries you can count on.
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Your intelligent AI-powered BDC
We will deploy our GPT4-powered digital assistant to converse with all inbound leads on all social inboxes (FB/IG) and your website chat. This bot is trained on all details on your store as listed on your website including live inventory, store hours, staff information, etc. It will be conversational with inbound messages, and is trained to provide inventory within an inquiries budget/credit score range, collect additional finance information (repos/bankruptcy/employment etc.) and contact information.

Our human capital oversees these chats and collects all of this information to deliver a quality lead directly to your CRM with context of the conversation in the inbox. Our goal is to drive messages, have the AI cultivate a warm lead, and shoot it to your CRM for your team to follow up with an invite to the store.
Your AI-powered BDC has full knowledge of the following
  • Live inventory on the lot as displayed on your website (Updates every 24 hours)
  • Department phone numbers and hours
  • Staff names, titles and contact info (as listed on the website)
  • Service center information
  • Prior conversation history
  • And MUCH more!
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