Car Dorx
Human powered and AI enabled: The Car Dorx GPT4-powered chat assistant is your 24/7 customer service powerhouse, trained extensively on your inventory and services, ready to engage and convert visitors into leads. We don't stop there, though. Car Dorx human capital oversees every chat every day ensuring the best experience.
Let's Chat
Franchise Pro
  • Convos that convert: Optimized to answer quick questions and move customers down funnel on their journey
  • Relatable: Personality is crafted for your brand, geography and demographic
  • Intelligent: Smarter and more detailed than your best brand specialist
  • Knowledgeable: Trained real-time on your website, inventory, brand and more
  • Drives foot traffic: Great at booking service appts, test drives and product consultations
  • Service Savvy: Knows general service knowledge and routine maintenance intervals
  • Knows what NOT to say: Will not guarantee test drives of exclusive vehicles or service appointments in specified windows
Independent Pro
  • Convos that convert: Drives conversations towards assessing financial readiness for vehicle purchases
  • Relatable: Personality is crafted to support the needs of your customer’s credit profile
  • Intelligent: Utilizes details provided from the conversation to be empathetic, yet efficient at qualifying customers needs
  • Knowledgeable: Trained on your website, inventory and finance program details
  • Drives foot traffic: Great at booking finance consultations and test drives
  • Informed suggestions: Will make vehicle suggestions based on needs, credit worthiness and finances
  • Knows what NOT to say: Will not guarantee credit approvals while collecting customer data
Raising the Bar for Customer Service in 2023
Existing managed chat solutions simply aren't living up to customer expectations. Not only are current providers failing dealers, the bigger problem is dealer operators are generally not in tune with how severe the problem is to begin with.

Most, if not all managed chat options on the market are not sufficiently integrated with the store’s human capital and data to be able to provide sufficient responses.

Your chat provider SHOULD be able to act as an extension of your team online, yet the shortcomings in chat seem to be insulated from management in most cases.
Uncovering your Customer Attrition in Chat
Most dealers are not aware of how many customers are lost in chat before their journey with the store even truly begins.

Whether you’re an independent primarily serving subprime or a BIG brand name franchise store with multiple revenue-driving departments, chat should be a place for customers to land to get quick and easy assistance to continue their journey with your dealership.

Since “Chat Pro” doesn’t use decision trees, our AI chat agents are MUCH quicker to provide value in the form of information and assistance than any other chat offering out there.
The Car Dorx Hybrid Solution: AI Meets Human Oversight
What’s even more impressive is our constant human oversight of every conversation. We’re not just deploying technology into your dealership - we’re deploying a hybrid solution that is part AI and part Car Dorx human capital, thus regardless of what the customer’s desires, our team is able to get them the assistance they need.

Have specific questions or concerns regarding how your AI responds to various inquiries? We can fine tune the AI to ensure it handles special cases and exclusions like a pro.