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"Response" Review Management
With Car Dorx, every review is an opportunity - enjoy a reputation management service that’s as personalized as it is professional, seamlessly aligning with your local team for consistent management and oversight.
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A Decade of Commitment
When Car Dorx was founded in 2012, we made reviews a primary focus. Ten years later, nothing has changed!
We wanted to manage reputation by serving select stores at a higher level.

Many dealerships STRUGGLE with providing consistency in review practice, even if they’ve dominated it at one point or another.
Consistency in your review practice means caring obsessively. It means treating your dealership’s reviews the same way we treat you, our customer.
The Accountability Department: Car Dorx's LLA Approach
Many dealers call us their “accountability department” and that is a title we wear with pride. We remove emotion from scenarios reviewed by your customers and think, speak and respond neutrally - only after understanding situational context and checking in with your local team.
We use the LLA format. Hear the customer (listen), take responsibility (learn) and react accordingly (act).
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Personalized Service, Comprehensive Coverage: The Car Dorx Promise
You can find larger companies to manage your reputation, but none will do it on a first-name basis and integrate into your local team. Car Dorx DOES.
Communication occurs daily
Reporting is done monthly
Program covers reviews on Google, FB, DealerRater, Yelp
Pricing is determined by your 12 month historical review frequency and sentiment
Ready to Supercharge Your Presence?
Whether it’s social advertising, reputation management or AI-powered customer service solutions, Car Dorx has your dealership covered.
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